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The Three Park Initiative was a fund-raising venture, dubbed a "parknership", which was created by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and Region 2020 in 2006 to secure private funding for the expansion of Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve and the creation of the Railroad Park and Red Mountain Park. Together, the three large parks would give Birmingham the highest proportion of dedicated park space per capita of any American city.

The fund-raising goal for the initiative was originally $17.35 million, which would insure completion of Ruffner's expansion plans and the first phase of construction at the other two parks. In January 2008, with $15 million raised (and larger-than-expected public funding), the group declared success and made plans to turn private fund-raising back over to the individual parks.

Of the money raised by the parknership, $4.9 million will go to Red Mountain Park; $8.7 million will go to the Railroad Park, and $1.25 million will go to Ruffner Mountain.


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