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UAB public art is a large, important and growing collection of major public sculptures on the UAB campus. Many of the pieces were obtained by gift from former Graduate School dean Samuel Barker, or through the Samuel B. Barker Outdoor Sculpture Competition which he founded.


  1. "Red Tide", Martha Hopkins
  2. "The Three Graces", Joe Theo Waldrop
  3. "Pretty Fast", Stephen Siegel
  4. "Hungers, Kneeling", Be Gardiner
  5. "The Crossing", Brad Morton
  6. Samuel Ullman statue, Branko Medenica
  7. "Central Axis", Harold (Skip) Van Houten
  8. "Double U", John Rietta
  9. "Aspirations", Branko Medenica
  10. "Encounters", Brad Morton
  11. S. Richardson Hill, Jr statue, Cordray Parker
  12. "Directions", Joe Theo Waldrop
  13. "Shaped by an Embrace X", Virginia Tyler
  14. Joseph A. Volker statue, Frank Varga
  15. Untitled sculpture, Michael Frohock
  16. "Bicentennial Diptych", Brad Morton
  17. "Winddrift", Bruce White
  18. "Icarus Ascend", Joe Mooney
  19. "In Loving Union", Rick McCrary
  20. "The Reader" (1984), Joe Theo Waldrop, Southside Branch Library
  21. "Apollo's Bird", Toni Putnam
  22. "Strata", Ted Metz
  23. "Circular XXI", Casey Downing Jr
  24. "Leoptsaura", John Parker
  25. "Deaf and Numb", Joe Mannino
  26. "Gorgona", Zoran Mojsilov
  27. "Silver Birds", Robin Starke
  28. "Cristofo Columbo" (1992) Ugo Sordelli, Smolian International House
  29. "Stone Dancer", Glenn Zweygardt
  30. "Hypogeum", Kyle Dillehay
  31. Unitled sculpture, Georges Bridges
  32. "Complex Vision" (1969), Yaacov Agam, Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital
  33. William Elias B. Davis statue (1904), Giuseppe Moretti, Hillman Hospital
  34. "Concrete & Chains", Ronald Godwin
  35. "The Nest", Ronald Godwin
  36. Tinsley Harrison statue, Cordray Parker
  37. Charles A. McCallum statue, Cordray Parker
  38. "Five Part Fugue", Ronald Godwin
  39. "Rosette Bobbin" (2006), Vaughn Randall, Spencer Honors House


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