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WDJC-FM (FM 93.7) is a Christian format radio station owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company. The station was one of the first commercial FM station in the United States to feature Christian programming. The format and call letters debuted on April 22, 1968, replacing classical-format WSFM-FM. The call letters were publicized as standing for "Witness Daily for Jesus Christ", but may also reflect the initials of Donald J. Crawford, owner of Crawford Broadcasting. The original studio was located at 1103 21st Street South.

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The original WDJC format relied heavily on church services, Bible studies and other religious programming. Contemporary Christian music began appearing in certain time slots in the mid-1970s while traditional gospel shows aired in the evenings. The most noted of those was the Dixie Gospel Caravan (originally "Hymn Time"). Host Wayne Wallace took over from Andy Cooley when the program moved to WDJC in 1969. Wallace continued hosting the program after it was moved to WXJC-AM in 2003 until his death in 2013.

In the 1980s Doug McCain, Bob Watson, Ben Cleary, and Will Womack hosted contemporary Christian music shows in the early mornings, afternoons and late-nights while the middle of the day was taken up with national religious programming.

Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin hosted a daily talk show on WDJC from 1996 to 1998.

In 1998 the station went to an all-music format to compete with WFMH-FM, a newly-launched 24-hour Christian music station.

The studios are located at 120 Summit Parkway. WDJC broadcasts at 99,000 watts from a transmitter on Red Mountain near Red Mountain Park. (map)



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