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Wit's Other End was a cabaret theater company operating on Morris Avenue beginning in 1977. The name was a reflection of the "Wit's End" cabaret in Atlanta founded 20 years earlier by Phil and Nancy Erickson and Dick and Jerry Van Dyke. Wit's Other End first opened in the Brandy Room at the Oaks Street club, before moving to its own space across the street at the Old Town Hall.

The cabaret's founders were Jim and Cathy Rye, veterans of Town & Gown Theatre before they moved to Atlanta in 1976. When they returned they contacted Boots Carroll and Jack and Suzanne Mann about rounding out the troupe. They were able to secure permission to buy material from the Atlanta company and begin rehearsing.

Randall Oaks, the owner of Oaks Street offered to build out a building he owned across the street and allow the company to keep the gate receipts while he sold drinks to the crowd. Early performances attracted standing-room only crowds to the 65-seat Brandy Room. The cabaret performance was given twice nightly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

A trio consisting of Derek Jackson, Ron Suber and Kendall Holmes provided musical accompaniment.


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