9-11 Memorial Walk

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The 9-11 Memorial Walk is a block-long greenway along 19th Street North between 3rd Avenue North and 4th Avenue North linking three public art projects as a memorial to the events of September 11, 2001. The three pieces are the:

The linear park was dedicated on September 11, 2002 and received a "Keep America Beautiful" Beautification and Community Improvement Award.

Bidwell's "The Ribbon" sculpture was originally designed to hold shadowboxes that would be filled with donated mementos. Funding for the shadowboxes ran out. In 2010, some of the donors requested their donations be returned. Donated items included a Purple Heart, firefighter badges, a Navy submariner's dolphin pin, and a tiara from the reigning Miss Alabama at the time.



  • MacDonald, Ginny (April 13, 2010) "Funding for 9/11 memorial in Birmingham unravels; donors want their memorabilia back." The Birmingham News

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