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Andy Andrews (born 1959 in Birmingham) is a humorist and motivational author.

Andrews grew up in Birmingham and graduated from Berry High School in 1977. His parents both died soon later and Andrews moved to the Gulf Coast, often sleeping under a pier. He began a career in home-spun standup comedy and eventually toured with musicians such as Kenny Rogers and Garth Brooks. He was twice voted "Comedian of the Year" by the National Association for Campus Activities.

Rogers encouraged him to put some of his observations from his voracious reading of the biographies of successful people into his act. The motivational element gradually eclipsed the humor, prompting him to write a novel which incorporated seven basic observations about success.

The book, which was rejected 51 times before being accepted by Thomas Nelson Publishers. It was an instant success and has become a national best-seller and has been translated into 20 languages. It has become a component of programs used by the US armed forces, Microsoft, General Motors, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. A 2-hour PBS documentary, "Andy Andrews: The Seven Decisions," aired nationally.

Andrews and his wife Polly have two sons. They reside in Orange Beach, Florida.


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