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The Birmingham Parking Authority, created by Act 2079 of the Alabama legislature in October 1971, oversees the construction and operation of off-street public parking lots and decks for the City of Birmingham. The Authority is governed by a three-member board of directors, appointed by the Birmingham City Council. As a functioning "special district government" under Alabama law, the Authority can borrow money, issue revenue bonds, acquire property and impose service fees. The authority currently operates 9,718 parking spaces in the city.

The Birmingham Parking Authority, previously classified as a "special district", was reclassified as a "dependent agency " for the 2002 Census of Governments.

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The chairman of the board of directors is Larry Ward. The executive director is Lynn Thomas. The authority currently employs 96 full and part-time personnel to operate 9 parking decks and 3 surface lots.

The Birmingham Parking Authority was created by _____ and Bill Voigt, who served for 14 years as executive director and was also vice-chairman of the board under Ferd Weil.

Parking decks and lots

Former facilities


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