Easonville Creamery

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The Easonville Creamery was a dairy operation located on the Waite Dairy Farm just outside Easonville, a former community flooded by the construction of Logan Martin Dam. The business operated a depot in the Watts Building at 303 20th Street North in Birmingham, as well as ice cream parlors and cafés adjoining the depot and at 402 18th Street North from around 1900 to 1912.

The company was incorporated in March 1905 by W. P. Ward, W. Maynor and C. C. Lynch. Lynch was manager of the business. The Coosa Valley farm was equipped with three large barns and a large dairy house. A fast-running spring provided water for washing out stalls and also turned a large water wheel which powered pumps and other machinery. The company sold cream, milk, buttermilk and butter from Waite's cattle by wholesale to grocers, as well as to the public at its cafés, which also served sandwiches, waffles and house-made country sausage.

Easonville closed its downtown depot and café in 1912 to make room for the expansion of Trader's National Bank.


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