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A mural on the side of the Fashions Hair Care building on 3rd Avenue North

Welcome to Bhamwiki

Bhamwiki, now in its fourteenth year, is an encyclopedic resource for anyone curious about Birmingham, Alabama and the region around it. We aim for accuracy, objectivity, and accessibility as we work steadily to expand our coverage.

Bhamwiki has more than 14,000 individual entries to explore. There are several ways to navigate the site. Click on any blue link to read an article about that topic. Try perusing some of our featured articles, or our newest entries. Look at what happened on this date in Birmingham's history. Take a chance by clicking on "random page" to the left. Or, if you know what you're looking for, try using the search box. Or you can even start at the top and work your way in from there.

If you're interested in contributing corrections, comments, or an idea for an article, check out our Bhamwiki:Suggestion box. If you'd like to join the project as an editor, please review our Bhamwiki:User agreement. Note that all contributions are reviewed for adherence to our content policy and are subject to correction and expansion by other editors.

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Bhamwiki has been running since March 15, 2006. The project currently has 538 registered user accounts and contains approximately 15,361 articles. See Bhamwiki:Milestones for more information on the growth of the site. You can also join us on facebook or follow along on twitter.

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