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Pinky M. M. Bass (born 1936) is a Fairhope-based photographer, known primarily for her work in pinhole photography. She has played an important role at Space One Eleven and Agnes galleries in Birmingham, and has been shown at the Birmingham Museum of Art as well as at art museums in Houston, Montgomery and Philadelphia. Her work has been published in Aperture and Pinhole Journal.

Her photographs were included in the exhibitions "3 Ring Circus", curated by Deborah Luster for the Big Top Gallery in New Orleans, and "The Lensless View" curated by Diana H. Bloomfield. She won grants for her work from the State of North Carolina in 1992 and 1993. She appears in the 2001 television documentary Coat of Many Colors, and her work was used in the Alabama Public Television special, Memento Mori: Positive/Negative.


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