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Ravagers poster.jpg

Ravagers was a 1979 feature film shot largely in Alabama which saw limited release. The post-apocalyptic tale, set in 1991, starred Richard Harris, Ernest Borgnine, Art Carney and Woody Strode and was directed by Richard Compton. The title describes the roving bands of humans reduced to scavenging that populated the desolate landscape of the film's setting.

Harris, as "Falk", the film's hero, encounters a group of armed ravagers while looting food tins from the Slater Gun Shop on Morris Avenue. A gunfight ensues at Sloss Furnaces, where Falk's first love interest (Miriam, played by Alana Stewart) is killed. Falk gets revenge later that night outside a downtown department store, and then heads for the woods.

Falk makes it to an "abandoned missile base," for which the U. S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville was used as the set. There he meets Master Sergeant Kramer (Carney), who introduces him to a group of more civilized "flockers" living in a cave. He falls for Faina (played by Ann Turkel, Harris' then-wife). They leave with Kramer and a small arsenal of weapons, and are tracked by the revenge-minded Ravagers. The Ravagers catch up to the trio at a Birmingham apartment building doubling as an abandoned hotel and engage them in another gunfight.

Falk and Faina flee the battle and come across a well-dressed man played by Woody Strode who leads them to a well-provisioned off-shore settlement led by a man named Rann (Borgnine). The Ravagers, meanwhile, have released the captured Kramer so they can track him to Falk. The final battle was filmed near Mobile and ends with Rann destroying his tanker ship to eliminate the Ravagers. Falk, Faina, Kramer and a small band of survivors are left to found a new "Genesis".

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