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Rhaegal (born April 8, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a female black-footed cat on display at the Predator Building in the Birmingham Zoo. Black-footed cats are Africa's smallest wild cats and their conversation status is "Vulnerable."

Rhaegal was one of a litter of three kittens born to Aza at the Philadelphia Zoo. Her brothers were Drogon and Viserion. The three were named for three dragons from the television show Game of Thrones. She was later transferred to Birmingham.

On May 9, 2019, the Birmingham Zoo announced that Rhaegal was pregnant. The father was 9-year-old Conan. It was her first pregnancy. A follow-up on May 30 revealed that Rhaegal had lost the babies at some point. Zoo officials are hopeful future pregnancies will advance to delivery.