16th Street Baptist Church parsonage

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The 16th Street Baptist Church parsonage is a two-story wood-framed residence at 1526 6th Avenue North, on Block 38, adjacent to 16th Street Baptist Church. It was constructed at the same time as the present church building, which opened in 1911. Like the church, the parsonage was designed by the prominent black architect Wallace Rayfield and constructed by the Windham Brothers.

Prior to desegregation, the parsonage often housed visiting speakers at the church who were not allowed to stay in hotels.

In 2020 the church embarked on a major repair and renovation of the parsonage, preparing for its use as administrative offices along with a public exhibit on the history of the church and its architect. The project was supported with funds from the National Park Service, the National Fund for Sacred Places, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The renovation work includes stabilizing the foundation, refinishing hardwood flooring, updating electrical service, repairing plaster finishes, replacing windows, and modifications to improve accessibility. ArchitectureWorks planned the renovations.


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