1991 Birmingham mayoral election

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The 1991 mayoral election for the city of Birmingham was held on October 8, 1991 with five challengers vying for the office held by three-term incumbent Richard Arrington, Jr. 56% of eligible voters participated in the election (a turnout unmatched since).

Although he was then under the cloud of a Federal grand jury investigation, Arrington secured over 62% of the vote to become the city's first four-term mayor.


  1. Richard Arrington, Jr: 47,419 votes (62.6%)
  2. Emory Anthony: 23,867 votes (31.5%)
  3. Jimmy Blake: 2,994 votes (4%)
  4. Bob Gafford: 841 votes (1.1%)
  5. Richard Finley: 491 votes (0.7%)
  6. John Hawkins: 86 votes (0.1%)


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