9th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

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The 9th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is a connectional district of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church covering the state of Alabama. Its offices are located in the former BTNB BJCC branch at 1040 19th Street, on the corner of 11th Avenue North in downtown Birmingham.

The district is one of twenty divisions of the global AME Church, and serves six conferences in Alabama. The presiding bishop is James Davis, who succeeded T. Larry Kirkland. Davis is a Birmingham native who was once pastor of Birmingham's St John AME Church and served most recently in South Africa. Kirkland, who served as Bishop of the 9th District since 2002, was reassigned to the 15th District in Los Angeles, California.

The 9th District counts more than 80,000 active members in 350 churches. The District has an agreement with Cooper Green Mercy Hospital to operate a Jefferson County Metro Clinic which shares the former college campus.

Before moving downtown in 2009, the districts offices were located in one of the buildings on the former campus of Daniel Payne College on Daniel Payne Drive. The District still owns the former campus, and is engaged in developing the Daniel Payne Legacy Village‎ retirement community and retreat center on the 150-acre site.



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