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The A.Skate Foundation (formerly Concrete Cures) is a program which works around the country to introduce skateboarding to children with autism. It was founded in 2008 by Chrys Worley and John Pike of Wilmington, North Carolina's Eastern Skateboard Supply. The foundation's offices are located with Faith Skate Supply at 2328 2nd Avenue North. Faith owner Peter Karvonen is a board member.

Worley, whose daughter Sasha is autistic, found that skating as an activity was a good fit for her abilities. Because it is an individual activity conducted in a group setting, it allows kids some social interaction without the normal social pressures. The activity mirrors many of the practices employed by therapists who work with autistic children, and, in the group's experience, is nearly universally enjoyed by the participants.

A.Skate conducts workshops and clinics around the country, often led by experiences professional skateboarders. It also works with manufacturers and suppliers to provide skating gear at no cost. As a point of contact between the skating community and families with autistic children, a large part of the group's efforts are educational.

In 2012 the foundation announced plans for a special needs-friendly skate park in Jasper.


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