Airport Hills

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Airport Hills is one of Birmingham's twenty-three communities, comprising the neighborhoods of Airport Highlands, Brownsville Heights and Brummitt Heights, Maple Grove and Penfield Park. The community covers 2.23 square miles, or 1,978 individual parcels.

Prior to annexation in 1977, the community known as Airport Hills had around 3,000 residents in several predominantly African-American residential subdivisions, including Penfield Park, A. G. Gaston Estates, Briarmont, Airport Highlands, Airport Gardens, Airport Estates, Carver Heights, Carver Highlands, Spring Highlands and Pine Knoll Vista. Rosalyn Heights, now part of Penfield Park, had been annexed into Birmingham already in 1964.

In the mid-1970s engineer Johnny Moore took over leadership of the Airport Hills Civic League.

The community was annexed into Birmingham in 1977 following a public referendum. The 340-149 vote was challenged in court, but upheld by Judge William Thompson.