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The Alabaster domed stadium was a proposed domed stadium or multi-use facility to be built in an abandoned Alabaster limestone quarry. First proposed in March 1995, its initial costs were estimated to be $48 million for physical construction excluding the purchase of land where the facility and parking would be constructed. Later estimates would increase its costs to between would cost between $100 million and $150 million for construction. The feasibility of constructing the facility would be handled by the Alabaster Stadium Advisory Committee.

The proposal called for a 480,000-square-foot stadium for 50,400 seats with future expansion bringing its capacity to 84,000. In order to make the facility economically viable, the city was looking to the Birmingham Barracudas and both the University of Alabama and UAB football programs to serve as potential tenants of the facility. The proposal stalled by early summer, and eventually the site originally proposed for the facility became unavailable for its development.


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