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Omar Alexander Shunnarah (born c. 1968) is the founder of Alexander Shunnarah Injury Attorneys PC and Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast LLP, personal injury attorney groups operating across Alabama, in northern Florida and southern Mississippi.

Shunnarah is the son of retailer Fred Shunnarah, who taught him hands-on salesmanship at flea markets and peddling in rural areas in the 1970s. He grew up in Birmingham's Southside and graduated from John Carroll Catholic High School. He attended Samford University for four years, but transferred to UAB before he completed his bachelor of science in political science and sociology in 1991. He went on to complete a juries doctorate at the Birmingham School of Law in 1995.

Shunnarah worked at Cory, Waston, Crowder & DeGaris for five years before opening his own firm. He began as a solo practice handling personal injury and tort cases. As it grew, he became an aggressive advertiser with television and YouTube spots as well as billboards. As of 2015 his two firms employ 50 lawyers and 100 support staffers in 16 offices. Two "intake" departments handle calls from new clients which are then referred to staff attorneys. 95% of cases handled by the firm are settled out of court. In 2014 only nine cases went before juries, with just three of those resulting in verdicts for the plaintiffs.


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