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Amtrak is the national rail service that serves the Birmingham Intermodal Facility on the 1800 block of Morris Avenue in downtown Birmingham.

Birmingham is served solely by Amtrak’s Crescent route. The Crescent provides rail access between New York City and New Orleans via Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The train serves Birmingham twice daily, once southbound, the 19 train, and once northbound, the 20 train. For southbound travelers Tuscaloosa is the next stop and for northbound travelers the next stop is in Anniston.

The former Birmingham Amtrak Station, used before 2018, consisted of a small waiting area and two ticket windows. Access to the platform was reached via a staircase at the southern end of the station. The platform was located along the tracks above the station and 20th Street North just to the south of Two North Twentieth.

Birmingham's station is by far the most heavily trafficked in Alabama, with 45,089 of the state's 63,577 boardings or alightings from fiscal year 2010. Most of the rail service's annual expenditures in the state are made in Birmingham. In 2010 the total expenditures were $5,311,406. Amtrak employs 11 Alabama residents with total wages paid $860,825 during the year.