Archie Wade

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Archie Wade

Archie Wade (born 1939 in Madison County) is a former professor at the University of Alabama's Department of Physical Education.

Wade's family moved to Tuscaloosa in 1953 and he joined them there in 1954, graduating from Industrial City High School in 1957. He was offered an athletic scholarship to play baseball for the Stillman College Tigers. While there he also played basketball and organized youth sports leagues in West Tuscaloosa while working part time for the YMCA. He graduated with a degree in physical education in 1962 and remained at Stillman as a baseball and basketball coach under Joffre Whisenton. He was signed by the St Louis Cardinals and played in their Minor League system from 1964 to 1967.

Wade joined Whisenton and activist Nathaniel Howard in attending the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Georgia Bulldogs football game at Denny Stadium on September 19, 1964. The three were physically assaulted during the game. Stadium security personnel declined to protect them and they left the stadium during the second half.

After leaving Stillman, Wade relocated to Louisville, Kentucky. With Whisenton's recommendation and University president David Matthews' support, he was invited to return to Alabama as the first Black member of the University of Alabama's faculty. He joined the Department of Kinesiology on February 1, 1970. While at Alabama, Wade was enlisted by Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Bear Bryant to scout Black high school football players. He would treat prospective recruits and their families to dinner and report to Bryant and his staff about how well they might fit in with the Alabama football team. Wade ended the arrangement after two years.

Wade continued teaching at the University until his retirement in 2000. In 2020 Department of Kinesiology program manager Christy Gordon launched a petition to change the name of A. B. Moore Hall to honor Wade. The University of Alabama Board of Trustees referred the request to its building names working group, and voted to approve the change on September 17, 2021.