Atomic Lounge

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The mural above the bar at Atomic Lounge

The Atomic Bar and Lounge was a cocktail bar at 2113 1st Avenue North. It was opened in 2017 by Feizal Valli and his then wife, Rachael Roberts.

The bar's interior was inspired by 1960s pop-art and mid-century decor, with several nods to favorite patrons and Birmingham notables, including a large-scale mural of Angela Davis and a recreation of the cover of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover featuring images of Frank Stitt, Mother Angelica, John Archibald and Electra. The bar's private party room was named for Angela Davis.

Bar patrons were allowed to borrow costumes, and the bar's signature cocktail, the "Sex Panther", was served with a temporary tattoo of a panther. Other cocktails on the menu were named in honor of regular patrons, including Austin Dennis, Mindy Rohr, Safia Ladner, Jess Parsons, Palmer Mordecai, Jason Koenig, Artemus Hill, Russell Hooks, Randall Porter, Irene Richardson, and Virginia Newcomb.

Atomic Lounge was nominated three times for the James Beard Foundation's national "Best Bar Program" award, and was selected as a semi-finalist in 2020. Though the bar was closed for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners kept all staff on payroll.

The bar closed on September 11, 2021, following the owners' separation.