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Austin Perrine (born December 24, 2013 in Austin, Texas), known as "President Austin", is a young superhero who uses his allowance and other donated funds to purchase meals for the homeless and hungry. He tells everyone he meets, "Don't forget to show love!" a message reinforced by the "#Show Love" motto on his superhero costume.

For his good works, President Austin has been honored with the keys to the cities of Mobile and Prichard, Alabama, and May 1, 2018 was designated "Austin Perrine Day" in Mobile. His appearance on Steve Hartman's "On the Road" segment for CBS News led to a campaign which raised tens of thousands of dollars to further President Austin's mission, via the "Show Love Foundation", which now has a goal of building homeless shelters in every state.

Perine was presented with a "Spear" community award from the Vulcan Park Foundation in November 2018, and was named one of the five most inspiring heroes from CNN's "Impact Your World" series.


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