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Avonwood Cleaners was a dry-cleaning business formerly located at 4605 5th Avenue South near the border between Avondale and Crestwood. Before it was a dry-cleaner, the building housed a plumber's office, a heating and air conditioning contractor, an electrician, and the offices of a textile union.

In 2006 the vacant building's roof collapsed, breaking out the front windows and leaving the dilapidated structure open to vagrants who littered the front of the building with debris. The Forest Park-South Avondale neighborhood association filed a request for the city to clean up the debris immediately and to begin the process of condemning and razing the structure. After months of perceived inaction, some local residents placed a hand-made sign on the front of the building on December 2, 2007 reading, "Mr Langford: Tear Down This Building".

After hazardous materials were removed from the building, Tarrant's Tomlin Excavating & Demolition Company began demolition on March 25, 2008.


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