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Brookwood Baptist Health (formerly Baptist Health System) is a family of five hospitals and numerous affiliated health centers in the Birmingham area. The system was founded with the establishment of the Birmingham Baptist Hospital (now Princeton Baptist Medical Center) in 1922 as a joint ministry of a group of Baptist churches. The system is now organized as a non-profit corporation whose trustees are appointed by the Birmingham Baptist Association.

The organization was headquartered in a 120,000 square foot office building at 3201 4th Avenue South in Birmingham until 2013, when it moved into leased offices in Ridge Park Place at 1130 22nd Street South. The president and CEO of Brookwood Baptist Health is Jeremy Clark.

In 1994 Baptist Health System merged its Princeton Healthcare Services and Montclair Medical Clinics to form a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary, Baptist Health Centers, which specializes in managing physician practices. The company owns 38 clinics in north and central Alabama and manages 10 others.

At the start of 2003, the system was the largest hospital chain in the state, with 10 facilities, but was struggling financially. In the spring of that year, the board of trustees voted 18-1 to negotiate with Triad Hospitals of Plano, Texas seeking capital for deferred maintenance, equipment replacement, and construction of new facilities. In July, however, a narrow majority of the board passed a resolution to cut off those talks as well as any other preparations for a merger, partnership or sale. Chair Bobby Keith and several other members of the board, surprised by what they saw as a "hostile takeover," resigned immediately. Surgeon Michael Drummond was elected to chair the board.

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In October 2005 Baptist Health System sold 65% ownership of its Montclair Baptist Medical Center on Montclair Road in Birmingham to Triad. That company was sold in July 2007 to Community Health Systems of Brentwood, Tennessee— which renamed it Trinity Medical Center. BHS sold its remaining 30% share of Trinity in June 2008 for an undisclosed amount.

In July 2008, BHS announced plans for a new hospital on an 18-acre site in western Hoover off Alabama Highway 150 near I-459. The proposed Hoover Baptist Medical Center would have taken the place of an existing medical office building in a former Winn-Dixie location. BHS applied to move 140 beds from Princeton, which was licensed for 499 beds but only used 300. BHS stated that it was not abandoning West End, but attempting to bring healthcare services where they were most needed.

In October 2015 Baptist Health System entered into a merger agreement with Tenet Healthcare Corp., owners of Brookwood Medical Center in Homewood, to form Brookwood Baptist Health, in which BHS took a 40% stake. Before the merger, Baptist Health System was licensed for 1,576 patient beds and served over 36,000 inpatients and more than 370,000 outpatients each year. It employed 4,300 workers, of which 520 were staff physicians.

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