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The Birmingham Board of Education Building in September 2010

The Birmingham Board of Education Administration Building is the headquarters for the Birmingham Board of Education. It is located at 2015 Park Place, facing Linn Park and adjacent to 20th Street North. It was built in 1965 and has not undergone significant changes since that time.

The board acquired the property by condemnation in 1959. At the time, landowner Ella Lee Smith petitioned state courts to issue an injunction against the board. Her attorneys contended that the powers of condemnation granted to the board were only to be used for school facilities, not administrative buildings.

The headquarters property is considered a prime location and has attracted inquiries from developers. Beginning in 2004 the City of Birmingham has made four requests for the Board to sell the property to the city. At that time an Orlando developer was proposing a luxury hotel at the site. The issue was raised again in early 2007 when the city agreed to fund teacher buyouts to help bail out the system. After taking office in November of that year, Mayor Larry Langford twice requested the property, then valued at $6 million, in exchange for the board's debts to the city. Board President W. J. Maye rejected each request.

A complaint against the Board of Education's lack of compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was filed by Birmingham City Councilwoman Miriam Witherspoon in 2008. The board commissioned a preliminary compliance report from Evan Terry Associates which documented dozens of violations. Although no formal cost estimates had been made, the board expected that it would cost $2–3 million to carry out the alterations.

In 2024 A & R Development Company of Baldwin County, which had recently acquired the Tutwiler Hotel, offered the board $5.2 million for the building, proposing to redevelop it as a boutique hotel. The board voted on June 11 to accept the offer and relocate its offices to 2101 6th Avenue.


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