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Birmingham City Council Committees are ten committees formed of members of the Birmingham City Council as assigned by the Council's president. Each committee reviews applications and proposed ordinances relating to its sphere and makes a recommendation to the Council at large. The committees include an Administration Committee, an Economic Development Committee, an Education Committee, a Finance and Budget Committee, a Parks and Recreation Committee, a Planning and Zoning Committee, a Public Improvement Committee, a Safety and Technology Committee, a Transportation and Communication Committee, and a Utilities Committee. Typically each council member will chair one committee and serve on at least one or two others.

Following the installation of representatives elected in the 2009 Birmingham City Council election, acting Council President Steven Hoyt made the following assignments:

In December 2015 president Johnathan Austin announced a restructuring of the council committees. A "Governmental Affairs Committee" was created to oversee legislative priorities for the city. The "Education and Administrative" committee was split into separate committees, with the "Technology" committee combined with the "Administrative" fuction. The "Public Safety" and "Transportation" committees were combined, as were the "Budget & Finance" and "Economic Development" committees. The new assignments to eight committees were as follows:

After winning re-election as President on a 5-4 vote in May 2016, Austin again reassigned some council committees, removing William Parker from the Administrative/Technology and Parks & Recreation committees.


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