Birmingham Giants

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Birmingham Giants
Sport Baseball
League Colored Southern Baseball Association
Active 1904–1910
Home field Slag Pile Field
Record Uncertain
Manager C. I. Taylor
General manager N/A
Website N/A

The Birmingham Giants or Greater Birmingham Giants were a black professional baseball team founded in 1904 by C. I. Taylor featuring players from Southern black colleges. The club shared the "Slag Pile Field" at West End Park with the Birmingham Barons.

The 1908 Birmingham Giants

In 1905 the team joined the newly-formed Colored Southern Baseball Association, playing as the Birmingham Blues. That league apparently folded after one season.

In 1907 and 1908 the Giants claimed back-to-back titles as "Colored Champions of the South".

The 1907 roster included pitchers James Hubbard and "Steel Arm" Johnny Taylor; catcher Makin; infielders Red Foster, Joe Scotland, Frank Duncan, George Donald, and "Candy" Jim Taylor; and outfielders Jack Griffin, Lou Oliver and James Patton. Taylor served as manager and played second base.

In 1908 the roster included Morten Clark alternating with Johnny Taylor at pitcher. Horace Harris shared catching duties with Makin. Infielders were Red Foster, Will Bedford, George Donald and Jim Taylor. The outfield staff included Jack Griffin, James Hubbard, and James Patton. Taylor held onto his roles as manager and second baseman.

In 1909 Arthur Gillard, Ben Taylor and "Smokey Joe" Williams made up the pitching staff. L. S. N. "Willie" Cobb was catcher. The infield included Doc Wiley, Ben Taylor, Johnny Pugh, and Tick Houston. Outfielders included Bingo Bingham, Eugene Moore and Joe Scotland. Taylor still managed and covered second base, and also took some turns on the mound. That club ended its campaign with a record of 79-22.

Taylor moved the Giants to Indiana (as the West Baden Sprudels) in 1910. One promoter announced the formation of a new club, the Acme Grays, to take the place of the Giants.


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