Birmingham Municipal Court

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The Birmingham Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the City of Birmingham and adjudicates all ordinance violations and misdemeanors within the City’s limit and police jurisdiction. It is located in the David J. Vann Municipal Justice Center at 801 17th Street North.


  1. Misdemeanor Court
  2. Presiding Court
  3. Traffic Court
  4. David Barnes’ South Court

Specialized courts

  1. Adult Drug Treatment Court
  2. Environmental Court
  3. Court Referral Program
  4. Gun Court
  5. Domestic Violence Court
  6. Driving While Intoxicated Court (DWI)
  7. Veterans Treatment Court
  8. Bilingual Court
  9. Turning Point Court
  10. HOPE Court


  1. Judges
  2. Administration
  3. CRO/Probation Services
  4. Court Security Services
  5. Post-Trial Services
  6. Financial Services
  7. Magistrate/Court Operation Services
  8. Information Services
  9. Pre-Trial Services Divisions