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The Birmingham Public Library Board was established in 1913 to oversee the assets and operations of the Birmingham Public Library system. It was a successor to the Birmingham Public Library Association, organized in 1908.

Under current city ordinance, the Birmingham City Council appoints nine members to the board for 5-year terms. In addition, the president of the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library sits on the board as an advisory (non-voting) member. Members are not compensated for their service, but can be reimbursed for approved travel relating to board business.

Board members


J. W. Donnelly, president; W. C. Gewin; D. M. Lewis; Thomas Duke Parke; Mrs E. L. Smith; Mrs J. M. Hankins; Lily Lykes; E. E. Smith; Mrs R. DuPont Thompson


J. W. Donnelly, president; W. H. Manly, vice president; W. O. Downs, city commissioner; Samuel Earle, Mrs J. L. Smith, Maud Kelly, Mrs R. DuPont Thompson, Herbert Tutwiler, W. W. Walker Sr


Paul Huffstuttler, Emilu Bailes, Charles Cooper, Harwell Davis, Mrs L. S. Evins, Mrs J. L. Smith, Ormond Somerville, Mervyn Sterne


Mervyn Sterne, president; Ormand Somerville, vice-president; Mrs George Bailes, Charles Cooper, Harwell Davis, Paul Huffstuttler, Mrs J. L. Smith, W. W. Walker Jr


W. W. Walker Jr, president; Mrs George Bailes, vice president; Harwell Davis, Edwin Phillips; Mrs A. H. Hoyle; W. W. McDuffie; Ormand Somerville, Paul Huffstuttler


Mervyn Sterne, president; Ormand Somerville, vice-president; Harwell Davis; Mrs A. H. Hoyle; Paul Huffstuttler; Mrs Alex Wellman; W. W. McDuffie; Bessie Estell; W. W. Walker Jr; Frank Peake (County Advisory Board)


Don Long, president; Lucille Ayers, Alan Drennen, William Forbes, James Goodson, Marie Jemison, Ed LaMonte, Josie Reid




Gwendolyn Amamoo, president; Georgia Morgan Blair, vice-president; Gwendolyn Guster Welch, immediate past president, Scott Vowell, parliamentarian, Monique Gardner-Witherspoon, Patty Pilkerton, Kimberly Richardson; Sam Rumore Jr; Dora Sims; Katrina Watson; Regina Ammon (Advisory Board Member); Johnathan Austin (Council Education Chair), Kamilah Gray-Lewis (Council President's Representative), Courtney Hunter (Council President's Representative), Tyrone Silman (Mayor's Representative)


Kimberly Richardson, president; Gwendolyn Amamoo, immediate past president & parliamentarian; Georgia Morgan Blair, vice-president; Willie Davis III, Patty Pilkerton; Eunice Rogers; Dora Sims; James Sullivan; Scott Vowell; Gwendolyn Guster Welch, Regina Ammon (Advisory Board Member), Tyrone Silmon (Mayor's Representative)





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