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Bluff Park Art Show in 2023


The Bluff Park Art Show is an annual event held the first Saturday in October at the Bluff Park Community Center and the adjacent park in the historic Bluff Park community in Hoover. It features over one hundred artists and caters to both new and experienced art enthusiasts. The show attracts over 30,000 people and artists from all parts of the country are invited to exhibit. The show also features groups from local clubs that offer tutorials and crafts. In addition, a live band plays Jazz music, and a variety of different types of food are available from food trucks and other vendors.

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1980 brochure from the 17th annual show

The show is presented by the Bluff Park Art Association, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that exists to promote access to the fine arts for everyone. In addition to the annual show, the organization places works from its 100-plus piece permanent art collection in schools, libraries, and other public venues.

The first show was held in 1963 to benefit the Bluff Park Elementary School library and has grown into a prestigious annual event. The top award is a purchase award, and the winning work is added to the permanent collection. Proceeds from the show go to support the arts in the greater Birmingham community.

The 2020 show had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

Due to construction work at the Bluff Park Community Center, the 2022 show was held at the Hoover Met.