Bobby Bowden Collegiate Coach of the Year Award

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The Bobby Bowden Collegiate Coach of the Year Award is a national award for the nation's best collegiate football coach. The award was established in 2010 by the Over the Mountain Touchdown Club by arrangement with Bobby Bowden and the Alabama Sports Foundation. Other national coaching awards are named for Bear Bryant, Eddie Robinson and George Munger.

The first award, voted on by members of the OTM Touchdown Club, was given to Nick Saban after his 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide football team won the BCS National Championship. Later awards were voted on by a national media association such as the National Broadcasters and Sportswriters Association. Winners will be announced in advance of the awards banquet, which is held after National Signing Day. The actual award, a 14-pound ball created with iron from Red Mountain was created by MTM Midwest Trophy.



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