Bragg Middle School

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Bragg Middle School

Bragg Middle School is located at 840 Hazel's Way (formerly Ash Avenue) in Gardendale. The school was originally called the Roy F. Bragg Junior High School and held its first full day of classes on August 31, 1976. In 1996, the school faculty and administration embraced the Middle School Concept and the school became the Roy F. Bragg Middle School.

The street that the school is located on was renamed on June 20, 2016 in honor of Hazel Butts who retired in 2016 after serving for fifty years as a school crossing guard. She was honored with the reading of a proclamation from the Alabama Senate that honored Butts for her “outstanding professional achievement” and as an “adored member of the community.”


  • In 1976 the school was opened for classes.
  • In 2002 the 6th Grade Building was added to the school with the addition of twelve new classrooms which then allowed the school to enroll sixth grade students from nearby elementary schools.
  • In 2010 a new field house was built for use by athletic teams at the school. It was paid for by the Jefferson County Board of Education at a cost of $451,000. The city of Gardendale donated around $300,000 to the Board of Education several years ago, and part of that money was used to construct the field house.



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