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Brownville is one of Birmingham's twenty-three communities, comprising the neighborhoods of Roosevelt, West Brownville and East Brownville.

Both Brownville and Roosevelt City were incorporated municipalities. Brownville was annexed into Birmingham in 1981, followed by Roosevelt City in 1989. Brownville had grown rapidly during the 1970s, from 501 residents in the 1970 census to an estimated 2,470 in 1977. Roosevelt City had likewise seen growth, from 3,663 in 1970 to 4,489 in 1977.

As of the census of 2010, the community had a total population of 3,117 in 1,264 households. Fifty-four percent of the community's 1,513 housing units were owner-occupied with thirty percent occupied by renters and 17 percent vacant. Since 2000 these figures had declined from a population of 3,929 in 1,446 households and from 1,619 housing units (64% owner-occupied, 25% renter occupied and 11% vacant). The racial make-up of the Brownville community is 94.5% black and 2.8% white.

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