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The Buffalo Rock sign

The Buffalo Rock sign was a 4-story tall animated neon sign mounted to the roof of the 1922 Buffalo Rock building, the headquarters of the Buffalo Rock Company, on 26th Street and 10th Avenue North. The sign read "Drink Buffalo Rock" in red neon and depicted a glass being continuously filled from a large bottle, illuminated with golden lights.

The building and its sign were demolished for the expansion of Red Mountain Expressway. The company relocated to a new headquarters campus on Oxmoor Road in West Homewood.

Another Buffalo Rock sign was once displayed on the roof of the Shepherd-Sloss Building near Five Points South which was completed in 1928. That electric sign displayed the slogan "Keep Healthy, Drink Buffalo Rock" and repeated the theme of a bottle pouring a stream of amber lights into an illuminated glass. The sign was converted into an advertisement for Barber's milk and ice cream in the 1950s.

The roof of downtown's Empire Building also sported an illuminated sign for Buffalo Rock in the 1950s.

In 2014 Buffalo Rock placed a vinyl billboard over the Two North Twentieth sign at Morris Avenue and 20th Street. The sign advertised for Pepsi-Cola.