Cahaba River Park

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The Cahaba River Park is a planned 1,500-acre recreational park under development by Shelby County and the Freshwater Land Trust .

The heart of the park will be accessed from either side of the river by way of Shelby County Highway 251 at Booth Ford just east of the Bibb County line. The submerged concrete slab which allowed for vehicle crossings will be made off limits, though some access by motorized all-terrain vehicles is planned within the 188-acre section south of the river which is owned by Shelby County.

The main 1340-acre northern section will be preserved for lower-impact recreational uses such as mountain biking, hiking and trail running. Improvements to the park expected to open in 2017 include the provision of public access points with gravel parking lots and canoe launches. Future plans include trail construction and a caretaker's residence.


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