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Camille Lynn Desmarais (born c. 1931 in St John's Bury, Vermont; died April 13, 2011 in Mobile, Mobile County) was rector of St John's Episcopal Church for the Deaf in Cahaba Heights and a past president of the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf.

Desmarais attended the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut. He graduated from Gallaudet College in Washington D. C. in 1966 and then from the Virginia Theological Seminary. After graduating he served the Episcopal Mission for the Deaf in Connecticut until 1972, when he was named rector at St John's. He oversaw construction of the church's current building. He retired in 1996 and moved to Mobile, serving as priest in charge for St Mark's Church for the Deaf there.

Desmairais and his first wife, Marjorie Crosby, had three children: Marianne, Catherine and David. After her death he remarried.

Desmarais died in 2011. He was survived by his second wife, Julia Boland, and by his and her children. He is buried at Forest Crest Cemetery in the Liberty Highlands neighborhood of East Birmingham.


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