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Chapel Lane is an approximately one and a quarter-mile long northeast-southwest road in Hoover which connects Patton Chapel Road in the northwest to Galleria Boulevard in the southeast.

In 1976, Hoover Fire Station No. 2 was constructed near the Patton Chapel Road intersection. The original building was demolished in 2007, to realign the interstection. A new fire station was built on adjacent land.

Before 2013, Chapel Lane ended at Al Seier Road, and was contained to the north side of Interstate 459. In the mid-1990s, an extension of the road was considered, to give access to the Galleria. The extension was part of the Galleria Boulevard flyover project, which created Galleria Boulevard, which opened in 2002. In 2011, construction on the $7.5 million second phase of the project began, and concluded in 2013. The three-quarter mile extension includes a 1,200-foot-long bridge beginning to the north of the Patton Creek Shopping Center, over Patton Creek and under I-459.

In 2021 the intersection with Patton Chapel Road was realigned to adjust Chapel Lane and Preserve Parkway into one four-way intersection as part of an $11-million project to widen Patton Chapel Road.


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