Chubby's Restaurant & Lounge

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Chubby's Restaurant & Lounge was a nightclub located at 2512 16th Street North in Acipco-Finley. By 2001 it was owned by Judy Davis and Leon Davis Jr, who had expanded with a "Chubbys Three" event center a block and a half to the east.

On June 11, 2006 a young male died from stab wounds received during an argument at the lounge. A suspect later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. On November 22, 2009, three people were struck by gunfire in the early morning hours. One was a club employee leaving by bicycle, the other two were shot as they were leaving the establishment. All three victims survived.

Within a month of that incident, Davis applied to transfer the club's liquor license to Chubbys Three, which had been renamed the Birmingham Event Center in 2006. The former club continued to operate as an all-ages event venue. One person was injured in a shooting there in December 2012.


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