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ConcertIDC (originally Exerceo and later Concert Care) is a medical technology company founded on April 9, 2012 by Tanveer Patel, James Childs and David Marshall at Innovation Depot. The firm offers technology consulting and software to support the operation of mid-sized medical practices and the maintenance of electronic medical records.

In 2013 Concert Care acquired Novel Infosolutions, based in Chennai, India. It moved its local offices to 324 Commons Drive off of Lakeshore Parkway.

In August 2020 Debra Hays succeeded Patel as CEO. In February 2022 the company merged with International Development Connection of Chattanooga, Tennessee, taking on its present name.

In September 2022 the company vacated its last Innovation Depot presence and moved its headquarters to a 15,500 square-foot office suite in the Iron Age Project at 212–218 20th Street North. The new offices also house Concert IDC's "Inc Tank" technology incubator, led by chief revenue officer Brandon Barker.


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