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The Concordia Club, incorporated May 1, 1886 as the Concordia Society or the Concordia Beneficial Society is a social club which also originally provided a funeral benefit to members.

It was originally made up of families of German ancestry. The club's founding officers were president Frank Heide, vice president John Lentz, secretary D. C. Behrens, and treasurer Herman Ploeger. Henry Behrens, Jacob Schmidt and Theodore Boeker were trustees, and Emil Zobel served a Oeconom (steward). By the end of the year, A. F. Dunker had succeeded Heide as president and the club had bought two lots on Block 278 in Southside for a hall, which was dedicated with a ball on December 6.

Early Concordia Society events were marked by rousing songs, plentiful beer (from the Schillinger Brewery), dancing and games.

In 1888 the club's officers were president Henry Behrens, vice president Theodore Biggers, secretary Brennen, and treasurer Louis Bonde.

In later years the club has been most active in hosting ballroom dance events. The club's Concordia Banquet Hall & Dance Club at 3400 1st Avenue North near Sloss Furnaces is also rented out for private events.


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