Confederate Storehouse (Trussville)

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Historic marker, 2007

The Confederate Storehouse was a Civil War-era stone warehouse located in what is now present-day downtown Trussville. Built by Thomas Truss and Marcus Worthington, this served as a storehouse for items such as meats, grains and clothing that were collected by the Confederate government as a war tax. During its operation, Felix M. Wood served as its operator during the war. It was destroyed by fire in 1865 by a regiment of Wilson’s Raiders under the command of Union officer John T. Croxton.

The warehouse occupied what has since become a prominent block of downtown Trussville at the intersection of North Chalkville Road and U.S. Highway 11 where Braden's Furniture was located. Currently a historic marker, erected in 1995, can be found noting the event at the approximate site of where the warehouse once stood.


  • Trussville Historical Board (1995) "Confederate Storehouse Burned by Federal Troops". Historical Marker located on site. Accessible in the Alabama Historical Commission's Historical Markers Research Guide (PDF).