Crepes Egg-Setera

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Crepes Egg-Setera was a breakfast-centered restaurant located at 225 Summit Boulevard, Suite 1100 at The Summit. It was opened by Just For Feet founder and former CEO Harold Ruttenberg under his "Amalgamated Concepts" banner.

The restaurant specialized in crepes and breakfast fare, but also kept sandwiches and pasta on the menu for lunch and dinner. Each booth was equipped with a built-in coffee maker and the hostess station at the dining room entrance served double duty as a juice bar. The decor featured light-colored wood finishes and Frank Sinatra predominated over the piped-in music.

After Ruttenberg was diagnosed with brain cancer, Crepes Egg-Setera was sold to Arman DeLorenz, who operated it from March to September of 2005 before the restaurant closed for bankruptcy liquidation.