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Daniel Lee Jelks (born c. 1992), is a rapper who performs as Two Gunz Vito or 2 Gunz Vito.

As a rapper, Jelks is known for drum-heavy trap raps featuring themes of betrayal and making money. He has released tracks produced by Hoodzone and recorded with other artists including Luh Shad, Ferragamo Frost, and Vick Jones.

Jelks shot and killed 17-year-old Ralph Woodfin III at his house in Tarrant on August 11, 2017. Jelks claimed he fired in self-defense during an attempted robbery, but investigators concluded that the shooting was part of an argument over stolen guns and a car. He was charged with murder, but his prosecution resulted in a June 2018 mistrial before Judge Laura Petro.

Jelks was released pending trial, but violated his $250,000 bond in March 2018 by making threats during an unauthorized video call with a prison inmate. He was placed under house arrest with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. He was arrested for felony possession of hydrocodone by Birmingham Police in August, but was released on $5,000 bond for that charge. He subsequently removed his ankle bracelet and became a fugitive. He was brought into custody in early October by U.S. Marshals at a house on Scenic View Drive in Eastwood. In addition to the murder, drug and bond violation charges, Jelks was also charged with three counts of failure to appear in court.

Jelks was found not guilty of Woodfin's murder at retrial before Judge Shanta Owens in March 2019.

In May 2020 Jelks was targeted in a drive-by assault at his girlfriend's family home on Birmingham Street in Tarrant. Two suspects fired 50-70 handgun rounds. Jelks was wounded.


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