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Darryl W. Perry (born c. 1978 in Birmingham) is the former station manager for WJSR-FM and was a candidate in the 2007 Birmingham mayoral election.

Perry graduated from Hewitt-Trussville High School in 1996 and went on to attend Jefferson State Community College on a forensics scholarship. He became involved in WJSR, the campus radio station and was made the station manager in the summer of 1997. As a hobby, Perry began calculating college football rankings using his own system. His rankings are sometimes cited by those claiming that the 2004 Auburn Tigers should be recognized as national champions. Perry graduated in 1998.

Perry then moved to Stahlstown (Donegal Township), Pennsylvania with his wife, Kristal. He first ran for office in 2003, challenging incumbent Township Supervisor Floyd Snyder. Having invested only $30 in the campaign, Perry won 11.2% of the vote in the two-way race. In 2004 Perry was the Libertarian Party candidate for Pennsylvania State Treasurer, taking just over 1% of votes in the five-way race. His petition to run for Latrobe City Council in 2005 was denied by the county elections bureau.

Perry returned to Birmingham in 2006 and entered the mayoral race in 2007. He also announced plans to run for United States Representative for the 7th Congressional District of Alabama in 2008 and for President of the United States in 2016.

In his mayoral campaign, Perry identified law enforcement, gun ownership, tax reduction and instant runoff voting as key platform issues. He also promised to put the domed-stadium debate to rest with a popular referendum. He was endorsed in the race by "Christians for Life and Liberty", which also endorsed him as a write-in candidate in Pennsylvania. He garnered 59 of 52,111 votes cast in the race, finishing 8th of 10 candidates.

Perry is divorced and has one son.


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