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Division Avenue is a 2-lane, mostly residential, east-west avenue traversing the East Lake and Roebuck-South East Lake communities. It acts as the dividing line between north and south avenues from Interstate 20 to Parkway East, taking the place of the Railroad Reservation, which is the dividing line in the downtown street grid.


The westernmost portion of Division Avenue starts at 49th Street North and continues to 55th Street North, although it jogs north at both 53rd and 54th Streets. From there until east of I-20, 1st Avenue North and 1st Avenue South are only one block apart, leaving no room for Division Avenue.

Division Avenue resumes west of 65th Street and continues until terminating on the west side of East Lake Cemetery, which is along the west side of 78th Street. The street resumes on the east side of 78th and continues until it encounters Interstate 59, at which point it curves to 81st Street South. The road resumes again at 82nd Street on the other side of the interstate and continues until its terminus at Parkway East near the intersection of West Boulevard.

Notable locations

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For brevity, not all intersections are included.

East Lake neighborhood

South East Lake

  • 78th Street intersection (road terminus)
  • Road turns south and becomes 81st Street South at Interstate 59