Dr Pepper Bottling Plant

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This article is about the former bottling plant. For the syrup plant built later on the same block, see Dr Pepper Syrup Plant.

The Dr Pepper Bottling Plant, also called the Sensabaugh Building, is a one-story brick commercial building located at 2801-2807 2nd Avenue South, on Block 416 in the North Lakeview Industrial District. It was constructed in 1928 and two years later leased to the Dr Pepper Company as a bottling plant, convenient to the Dr Pepper Syrup Plant, which was completed in 1931.

The 100-foot by 150-foot brick building was divided into five bays, with narrower bays flanking a central loading bay accessed from 2nd Avenue. In the 1950s, after the Buffalo Rock Company acquired the bottling and distribution rights for Dr Pepper, the central bay was divided by a firewall, creating two 50-foot wide spaces. The portion facing 28th Street was altered for a later tenant, with the cornice line sheared to a level parapet and metal panels covering the brick.

Dr Pepper closed their syrup plant in 1982 and both buildings were acquired in 1988 by Sloss Real Estate which redeveloped them as the centerpiece of their "Pepper Place" development, which opened in 1990. Restoration of the building's exterior was completed in 1999.