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Edouard Alexander Bruchac (born February 1, 1943; died May 26, 2017) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist.

Bruchac was the son of Oliver and Eleanor Horton Bruchac. He attended Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery where he was active in the Reserve Officer Training Corps. He then enrolled at the University of Alabama as a music major and was a member of the Million Dollar Band. He changed his major to photography before graduating. He moved to Birmingham and was a staff photographer for the Birmingham News for forty years. He was also a member of the Birmingham Press Club and an active amateur radio operator.

Bruchac and his wife, Sharon, resided in Springville and attended Springville First United Methodist Church. The couple had three children, Alex, Sonja and Jennifer. Bruchac died in 2017 and is buried at Hullett Cemetery in Springville.


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