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Electronic Repair Company (ERC) is an electronics repair company which was founded in October 1972 by Chuck Biddinger and two associates. The company employs technicians to service all types of consumer electronics, from televisions to microwaves to audio equipment, satellite dishes, electric wheelchairs, video games and security equipment. It is currently located at 8518 1st Avenue North in East Lake.

ERC provides repair and service for numerous clients such as hospitals, hotels, and corporate clients such as Alabama Power, As a member of the National Electronic Service Dealers Association, ERC is part of a national network of technical support and parts.

The business in known for humorous and sometimes provocative messages which Biddinger has placed on the outdoor marquee weekly since 2005. He uses humor websites and emails for ideas. A message reading "BBQ Pork Restaurant Is Safest: No Muslims Inside", which he posted in December 2010, touched off a minor firestorm of controversy after ABC 33/40 posted a story about it online.


  • Ruisi, Anne (December 13, 2010) "Birmingham business owner says 'no Muslims' sign was a joke." Birmingham News

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