Elyton Civic Club

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The Elyton Civic Club was a civic and political organization founded by long-time residents of Elyton and their descendents to preserve and share the history of the former Jefferson County seat that predated Birmingham by more than half a century.

The club was organized on March 27, 1934 with an initial membership of 218 people, but membership fell to 178 by October 1935. At that time, former Elyton alderman C. M. Bitz was president, J. B. Hart was vice president, and Fred Melof was secretary-treasurer. The organization was affiliated with the Pre-9 Democratic Council and the Central Park Civic League.

Over the next several years the club sponsored various activities to commemorate the anniversary of Elyton's founding, which they observed as having occurred on May 15, 1812. On October 15-16, 1937 they dedicated a new Elyton Community Center in an existing house at 129 2nd Avenue North.